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Japan In Low Light Shot From An iPhone 7 Plus

One of the most noticeable and favourite additions to the new iPhone 7 Plus is the new dual lens camera system which packs in a wide and a telelens allowing for better photos, optical zoom, depth effect, and more. It also has a bigger sensor which lets in more light, therefore, better low-light photography.

On a recent trip to Japan, I chose to capture all my photography from my iPhone while travelling to really test out the new camera. Over the three weeks, I took many photos in different light scenarios from sunsets to near darkness where the only light source were those many neon lights that fill the streets of Japan.japan-low-light-iphone-7-plus-7

You can explore my gallery of photos below to judge for yourself but overall I was quite impressed with the new camera and most of the time the photos didn’t require any editing however when It came to near-darkness I did find myself having to use the noise-reduction feature in the Adobe Lightroom App.

I also felt photos turned out better when taken from the wide-lens over the telelens likely due to the fact the wide lens is able to let more light in. However, having optical zoom in an iPhone for the first time is a great feature to have.

All photos were captured in RAW-format which I discussed in a guide recently on how I take photos in this format using the Adobe Lightroom App. I also covered my experience using Apple’s transit maps in Apple Maps to travel around Japan.


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