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iPhone controlled wireless lighting – Philips Hue – Information & Pricing

Wireless home lighting is the future and you can get it now with the Philips Hue – A perfect home lighting system.

Wirelessly control your lights in your home or office with iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch easily.

What is the Philips hue?

A wireless lighting system, all you have to do is screw in the globes like normal, connect a small device to your wireless modem and simply control the lights via your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (Also available for Android phones).

  • Up to 50 globes on the one system!
  • Control brightness, and any colour for any particular globe.
  • You can turn on and off individual globes from the iPhone.
  • Create & set different mood lighting.
  • Control the lights even when you’re not home!
  • Create timers & more!

Energy savings is huge with the Philips Hue globes using 80% less energy then traditional globes due to the globes being LED.

Where can I buy?

In Australia you can only purchase it exclusively from the Apple Online Store.

You can also buy additional globes and systems.


The best price is from the Apple Online Store it’s $249.95 for a starter pack including the wireless system and 3 globes. You can buy additional globes at $69.95 each.

Remember each globe has a 80% energy saving so not only will you be up in the future, you will save on your energy bill!


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