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Track just about everything including your swimming, running & cycling with Misfit Shine

It’s small, it’s stylish and it tracks just about everything. Meet the Misfit Shine – an all metal tracker that can be worn on your body (wrist, shirt, pocket etc) to track anything from steps, sleeping and even to swimming (something a lot of other tracker’s don’t do). It’s worth noting Apple even included the product in their fitness ad screened recently on TV, featuring a swimmer using the device to record their swim.

Battery life is by far the best of any tracker lasting up to four months on a single battery charge so forget about worrying to recharge the device. It does come with a battery replacement tool however so you can continue using it.

Syncing it to your iPhone is extremely easy too … just place it on your iPhone’s screen and boom. Done. The device will also light up a series of lights as you make progress throughout the day. Reach your goal and it’ll light up a complete circle.

What it tracks

  • Walking & running steps
  • Sleeping
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

It can also be used to track your activities in a number of sports.

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