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Waterproof your iPhone 6 & more with LifeProof

The long awaited LifeProof case for iPhone 6 is here offering not only waterproofing but snow, dust and shock protection as well.

The new iPhone 6 case offers:

  • Waterproofing for up to 2m underwater for an entire hour.
  • Protected from dirt & dust (great for those on bikes!)
  • Protected from snow and ice.
  • Survives drops from 2m with military grade specs.

The case itself is the thinnest they’ve made, and has a screen-less design meaning you still touch directly on your iPhones screen. TouchID, Camera, buttons on your iPhone work as normal.

After personally using a LifeProof case with my iPhone 5s at the Great Barrier Reef in the pass I highly recommend them. It allowed me to film the reef for the entire day.

LifeProof case for iPhone 6 is available from the LifeProof website with shipping available to Australia. Got the iPhone 6 Plus? It’s coming soon i’ll be sure to keep my eye on it’s availability.

iP6_proofs_snow_small iP6_proofs_dirt_small iP6_proofs_water_small-2 iP6_proofs_shock_small


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