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Automatically track what you drink with Vessyl

I’ve tried several iPhone apps that allow me to track what I drink, UP Coffee from Jawbone is one of them. The problem I find with these is you either forget or can’t be bothered to update them. You buy a coffee and rush to work, are you going to add it to a app? Probably not.

Vessyl appears to solve that problem in a mind blowing kind of way. What is essentially like a flask, Vessel is capable of automatically tracking what you drink because it knows what you put in there. If it’s Water, Milk, Beer, Coffee etc it will know and it will record it for you in a app on your iPhone.

From there it knows things like calories etc, for a first this is a interesting start in what I’m sure is only the start of possibilities.

Not only will the app track what you drink but also health information with the promise it will work alongside some fitness trackers as well.

Shipping sometime 2015 it’s available now for pre-order with the price currently at $119, the final RRP $199.


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