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Give your iPhone SLR style flash with iBlazr

Apple does a excellent job in making the best camera sensors for iPhone, the new iPhone 6/6 Plus can take decent photos and is now my primary camera – I’m using my SLR camera less and less.

But when it comes to night-time photos Apple of course has built in a flash for iPhone and while it does a decent job it doesn’t match flash light possible from SLR cameras. Often photos turn out grainy and if you’re taking photos in clubs, at a music event or are being extra creative with your photos at night you can just about forget about it. But there is a solution – iBlazr.

iBlazr is the worlds first LED Flash for iPhone which dramatically improves your photos from your iPhone at night thanks to it’s bright x 4 LEDs (at 5600K light temperature). The small device simply plugs into your iPhone headphone socket, has it’s own built in battery and is ready to provide you with plenty of light to take photos or even videos.

There’s a constant light mode (great for video) or it simply fires at the right time when you take your photo. You can adjust brightness, download a free app and will have no issues with red light.

iBlazr is available in Australia from Macintosh Addict for $59.95.


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