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Our Top Places To Instagram In Sydney

Just about all of us love to post on Instagram, I for one am addicted and been since it started.

Photography is one of my favourite hobbies; I can spend a entire day walking around with my iPhone 6 Plus with the idea of finding something interesting, go home pick my favourites and post them (by the way AMVSEMENT is on Instagram!).

For me I can return to a favourite spot such as Darling Harbour, or the Sydney Opera House and always find a new perspective, a new idea to Instagram. But it’s always nice to find new places, spots you didn’t really know about

Here are some of my favourite locations to Instagram:

Darling Harbour, Sydney

We all know this place well, but it’s one of those places where you’ll always find something new (be sure to go during VIVID and the Winter Festival later in the year).

Be sure to also Instagram at night (they even do fireworks every Saturday night).


Balls Head Reserve

One of the best views of Sydney I’ve come across offering views of the Harbour, City & over western Sydney, yet I only discovered it late 2014. Here you’ll get a great view of the new Barangaroo redevelopment as well.

Take a picnic basket too – There’s plenty of spots to lay down and look at the view.


ANZ Cafe

For those who love Architecture check out the new ANZ Cafe behind the new ANZ skyscraper on Pitt Street (near The Hilton Hotel).

You’ll come across old and modern Architecture and nice coffee too!


Botany Bay National Park

About an hours drive from Sydney CBD you’ll first drive into Kurnell past the Oil Refinery (you’ll know when you’re there you’ll smell it!) then come across views of Botany Bay, Sydney Airport the Port and of course the National Park.

Check out the ‘Wedding Cake’ before you leave – A sandstone rock formation that looks yes just like a Wedding Cake!


Clovelly Beach & Rocks

One of my favourite beaches in Sydney it’s only about 20min drive from Bondi Beach or for those who love to walk only about an hour.

Take a walk around Clovelly Beach and to the rocks around Burrows Park – Plenty of views of rock pools, the ocean and cliff faces and small ocean marine life.


Sea Cliff Bridge

I’ll admit this one is a little out from Sydney – But it’s worth it.

Drive south to a place called Coal Cliff, about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney to come across the Sea Cliff Bridge.

As it’s name suggests the bridge flows along the cliff face and over the sea after the road under the cliff was closed due to rock falls. For a day trip drive down to Kiama past Wollongong – Full of shops, cafes and the famous blowhole.


Sydney Harbour Lookout

If you’re from Sydney then it’s likely you’ve posted an Instagram of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and unfortunately you can’t take your camera or iPhone during the bridge climb however for a better shot the Lookout is worth it.

For a little as about $10 you can go inside one of the piers (closest to The Rocks) with the ability to not only look over the harbour, the city but the traffic crossing the bridge as well. Great opportunity for unique views.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.07.51 pm

Turimetta Beach

Enjoy the best Beaches Sydney has to offer by going North – Head over to the beaches around Manly up to Narrabeen including Turimetta Beach.




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