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Elevate & type from your MacBook easier with ParcSlope

There isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t spent time typing on my MacBook Pro; so when Twelve South promised easier typing from their new ParcSlope product I was immediately interested.

ParcSlope elevates your MacBook from your desk at a 18 degree angle for easier typing and a more ergonomic viewing angle.

These sorts of products are not exactly new there are many other MacBook stands out there, however ParcSlope does something many others don’t – It keeps the front of your MacBook at the desk elevating it from the back.

Elevation from the Back.

Elevation from the Back.

This is great design thinking as it saves you from having to purchase a second keyboard and mouse – Many stands elevate the front of your MacBook off your desk.

Twelve South also makes a point you can use ParcSlope to use your MacBook as a second display, elevating your Mac in front of your iMac/monitor.

ParcSlope is available from MacFixit Australia for $79.99.


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