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The Apple Watch Collections

This April Apple will be releasing the much sought after Apple Watch in what they’re calling “a new chapter”.

Announced last year it’s Apple’s first ‘smart watch,’ which enables you to do anything from the obvious – telling the time, all the way to third party apps such as unlocking your car, tracking fitness, reading/writing messages and emails. This is just the beginning – developers will be able to create and innovate new ways to improve our every day lives.

Apple is calling the Apple Watch their most personal device yet. It’s a device you’re going to wear every day and will be visible by all. We all have different styles and tastes and for Apple is something they’ve acknowledged and addressed. Apple Watch is extremely customisable, and you’ll be able to choose from a number of colours/materials, as well as different styles of interchangeable bands – not to mention the watch face (display). According to Apple there’s “millions of styles” possible.

We don’t yet know all the details on Apple Watch, but what we do know are the three collections of Apple Watch, with each having a unique Watch material and band styles.

Apple Watch

Starting with the Apple Watch collection – here you have the option of stainless steel and space black stainless steel designs with the retina display on the watch being protected by sapphire crystal – a material second to diamond in strength

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Your choices of bands styles will be a number in leather, a link bracelet and a Milanese loop made from high performance fluoroelastomer.

Apple Watch Sports

Don’t be fooled by it’s name, all Apple Watch models have the same fitness and health features such as tracking your steps, running, cycling the number of times you haven’t moved throughout the day, giving you personalised health information.

Apple Watch Sports

Apple Watch Sports

The material used for Apple Watch Sports is light-weight aluminium steel making it a good choice for those who are right into fitness. Your choices of aluminium will be typical silver colour, plus a dark grey style, both of which are anodised.

The display isn’t sapphire like seen on the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, however you’ll have “Strengthened Ion-X glass” with these models.

Like the other collections you’ll have plenty of colours to choose from for the band.

Apple Watch Edition

Apple is calling this collection “uniquely elegant”, and impressively, each Apple Watch being crafted from 18-carat gold being twice as hard as standard gold. As with the Apple Watch collection the display is covered with sapphire, finished with polish.

Apple Watch Gold Edition

Apple Watch Gold Edition

Matching the 18-carat gold Watch comes exquisitely designed bands with a number leather bands some of which feature a modern buckle.

Apple Watch Edition
Apple Watch will be available from the Apple Online Store.


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