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Apple World Gallery: See the world through the lens of an iPhone

The iPhone is officially the most popular Camera used on Flickr, the number 1 popular Photo Sharing website. Millions of people around the world use their iPhone every day to capture the world and share their photos.

“iPhone 6 Lens: 1.5µ Pixels ƒ/ 2.2 Aperture”

As someone who enjoys photography (from an iPhone 6 Plus) I was excited to see Apples new addition to their website – a ‘Shot on iPhone’ World Gallery a gallery which showcases Apple’s favourite photos they’ve found across the internet from everyday people like us.

Many of these images have simply been taken simply from the Camera app, with others taken from third party apps and edited while others have been taken with the help from accessories like Ollo-clip.

Shot by Jun I. - Tokyo, Japan

Shot by Jun I. – Tokyo, Japan


There’s images from all over the world including Japan, USA Iceland, Canada, South Korea, China, Scotland, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand.

Apps & Accessories

Apple have put together a dedicated section on the App Store showcasing the many apps used in these photos from apps to shoot with, to editing and sharing.

Some great third party accessories can also help you take the best photos possible with your iPhone, from iBlazr (which I spoke about just last week) that allows you to take much better night-time photos, to the Olloclip a 4-in-1 lens for your iPhone. Then there’s the iPhone tripod by JOBY allowing super still video and long exposure shots.


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