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BaseLift, the portable stand for your MacBook

Recently I spoke about the all new stand for MacBook by Twelve South – the ParcSlope allowing you to elevate your MacBook from your desk making typing easier.

But what if you want a portable stand? Twelve South have announced a brand new product called BaseLift which is the new portable stand for your MacBook.

In what reminds me of a iPad Smart Cover, BaseLift (made from a super-thin, microfiber-layered pad) attaches to the bottom of your MacBook which then folds back on itself to create a stand. When the stand is not needed it simply stays attached to the bottom of your Mac. It’s super portable and can easily be used at a Cafe, Uni, Work etc without looking out of place.

When used as a stand BaseLift will elevate the back of your MacBook at a comfortable angle, leaving the front edge on your desk allowing you to rest your hands near the trackpad and type.

Twelve South make a mention of the fact it doubles as a layer between your legs and the MacBook, protecting them from heat or from the freezing cold metal in Winter (we’ve all been through that right?).

BaseLift is suitable for all MacBook models including the all new MacBook; available from Try & Byte Australia for A$49.95.


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