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Netflix Guide: Pricing, What’s On, Apple TV & more

It’s finally here – Netflix, the video streaming service that US members have enjoyed for years is landing in Australia & New Zealand from March 24th giving you access to a range of TV Shows & Movies to stream for a monthly fee.

Netflix have announced Australia & NZ will be streaming the award winning Netflix show Orange is the New Black with season 1 & 2 available; season 3 available later in June. Australia will also be streaming the political drama TV show House Of Cards, with Oscar® winner Kevin Spacey and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) – a show I personally cannot recommend enough.

In this guide I’m going to discuss Netflix pricing, the range of content plus how to get watching.

Official Pricing

Netflix is available for a monthly fee with thee-tier plans, all plans offer unlimited amount of streaming and the same content, with differences only in the quality of the video & number of simultaneous streams.


  • AU $8.99: Single-stream standard definition.
  • AU $11.99: Two-stream Full high-definition 1080p.
  • AU $14.99: Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition “family” plan.

New Zealand:

  • NZ $9.99: Single-stream standard definition.
  • NZ $12.99: Two-stream Full high-definition 1080p.
  • NZ $15.99: Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition “family” plan.

TV Shows & Movies

The range of content available on Netflix not only changes region to region (even between AU & NZ) but also monthly; with new content being added every month.

Because of this it’s almost impossible for me to list ever single show/movie, so I’d recommend singing up to their free monthly trial at allowing you to view (and watch) all the content available.

Netflix have announced you’ll be able to watch a range of Netflix Original series such as:

  • House Of Cards (AU only).
  • Orange is the new Black (Seasons 1 & 2, 3 in June).
  • Frozen
  • Stand-up comedy specials and documentaries
  • Bloodline
  • Marco Polo
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me Live
  • Bare
  • DreamWorks Animation’s The Adventures of Puss in Boots
  • Academy Award-nominated documentary Virunga.

and a huge range of Movies (including a Kids section), TV Shows and Documentaries.

At launch and beyond, members can enjoy an exciting range of exclusive and licensed content from many of the world’s leading distributors including Warner Bros., BBC, FOX, NBC Universal, Village Roadshow Entertainment, Beyond Distribution, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and The Walt Disney Company.

How to watch

To start streaming Netflix you’ll need to head over to and sign-up for a monthly plan (don’t forget about the one-month free trial), from there you’ll be able to stream Netflix from a range of devices including:

Watch Netflix on your TV with Apple TV

Watch Netflix on your TV with Apple TV

Apple TV is one of the best and easiest ways to watch Netflix from your current TV with the official Netflix app for Apple TV available at launch. Apple TV is available from the Apple Online Store for $109.

Apple TV features 1080p programming including Netflix, iTunes movies and TV shows, Vimeo, photos and more in HD; get watching by simply by plugging it into your TV and your Wireless Internet.


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