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Toffee iPhone Flip Wallet Case Review

Earlier on in the year I reviewed the Lincoln leather bag from an Australian-based company called Toffee. This time around I get to review their popular iPhone Flip Wallet Case which essentially gives you the chance to finally ditch your wallet, combining it with your iPhone.

If you’re after quality the flip case doesn’t disappoint; it’s made from high quality real natural leather, with stitching and a rubbery feeling plastic shell on the inside finishing off the design – Your iPhone essentially fits inside a shell with the leather wrapping around. There’s a clear difference between this case and those cheap knockoff leather cases you see on eBay.

One (I would say important) design feature you won’t see with the naked eye is the magnets inside the front cover which hold back the flap while you take calls – No being smacked in the face.

Colour Options - Tan, Black & Red.

Colour Options

The inside flap allows you to insert a number of cards (for me this includes my Opal Card!), up to 4 on the iPhone 6 Plus Design. For the first time it seems fairly difficult to insert your cards however after short usage the slots do begin to open up as natural leather does.

The Toffee iPhone Flip Case ships in Tan, Black and Red leather options and is priced at $49.95 for iPhone 6, 5/5s and $54.95 for the iPhone 6 Plus from the Toffee Online Store.


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