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Style your MacBook in Wood with Glitty

When I’ve wanted to make my MacBook look unique I’d go put on one of those decal stickers on the cover (Apple even created a commercial based on it), but now theres another option – Wood, from Glitty who launched only in March.

Sourced from Wood in the USA, Glitty create and manufacture thin wooden covers which stick to our MacBook offering a unique new look, a perfect match against aluminium. Glitty point out the adhesive can be easily taken off your MacBook “This special adhesive is strong enough to hold the skin onto your computer, yet able to be completely and easily removed with no sticky residue.”

Our work is our passion, and you can be certain that the product you receive is truly handmade. — Benjamin Saks

There is currently two styles available each for the MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Pro Air – Cherry Wood for a lighter appearance and Wenge Wood for a darker style of wood.


Cherry Wood


Wenge Wood


Shipping to Australia and other international destinations these covers can be purchased from their online store.


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