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Unique style: Marble iPhone Case by Native Union

It’s not often I write about iPhone cases but when I came across a new “worlds first” iPhone case from Native Union it certainly got my attention. Why? It’s made from a material I haven’t seen in an iPhone case before – marble … genuine, actual marble.

Native Union have managed to transform a block of real marble to a thin slice; 0.8mm or as thin as a credit card to be exact giving the case not only a unique look and style but a lightweight construction – important when using a naturally heavy material.

“At Native Union we always try to push the limits of creativity, taking inspiration from the techniques and materials used by other industries to pioneer something new and original.

CLIC Marble reimagines one of the most revered natural materials in history, transforming a raw block of marble into a remarkably thin slice.”

Two colour options

Two colour options

Since the front of the iPhone 6 can only be either white or black, Native Union is giving you the option of white or black marble with each case being unique thanks to the ‘veins’ of the marble.

If you have the iPhone 6 Plus unfortunately you’re currently out of luck, due to ‘challenges’ in working with marble to manufacture a case as such a size. For now, the case is only available for iPhone 6.

CLIC Marble iPhone 6 case is shipping from May 25th from the Native Union Online Store.


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