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Best leather iPhone 6 cases

Since the release of iPhone 6 (& the 6 Plus) last September over 100 million have sold, we all love the design of the iPhone but with this most of us put cases on our iPhones.

The issue with most cases is they hide the original design, however often add extra functionality many now allow you to hold cards like Drivers License, Credit cards and opal cards while others have built in stands.

Leather is one of my favourite materials it can add unique style to your iPhone and looks better than most plastic cases which can unfortunately make the phone look cheap. In this guide I’ve put together the best leather cases you can buy for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. I base these on quality and functionality, not in any particular order.

Bellroy iPhone Case ($64.95)

Traditional meets contemporary with the new Bellroy 1-3 card ‘wallet’ cases, a slim case which wraps your iPhone in leather (back & sides) while giving you the ability to slide in up to 3 cards. It is both an elegant and easy solution to carry your iPhone in your pocket.

5 colours to choose from

Toffee Flip Wallet ($49.95)

iPhone Leather Wallet Case Toffee

Toffee Tan iPhone 6 Plus Flip Wallet Case

Australian-based company ‘Toffee’ use genuine leather in all their products and it shows in their iPhone Flip Wallet Case; the quality of the leather is the best i’ve come across in a case.

For their iPhone 6 case you have enough for hour (4) cards while their Plus case allows five (5).

Toffee have also built in magnetics into the flap allowing you to fold the front cover back while making calls – handy!

Mujjo Wallet Case ($84.95)Mujjo iPhone 6 Collection Series-15

Carry your iPhone and your essential cards in a slender package. Based on the concept of its popular predecessor, our personal favorite, redesigned to complement the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

Designed to be as slim as possible and crafted from Mujjo’s signature high quality vegetable-tanned leather.

BookBook ($99.95)
BookBook iPhone 6 Twelve South-12

The BookBook series has been around since the iPhone 4 days; your iPhone snaps into a plastic case inside a vintage leather style case making your iPhone look like an old book.

You’ll have enough to hold four (4) cards and one (1) holder with a plastic viewing window obviously the best spot for a drivers license.

The best part with this case is you have the ability to take the leather case off while keeping the plastic case on, essentially it’s two cases in one.

SurfacePad ($59.95)Twelve South iPhone 6 SurfacePad-2

I personally use this on my iPhone 6 Plus it’s the thinnest leather iPhone case I’ve come across.

It actually sticks to the back of the iPhone with adhesive with a cover wrapping around the front, while In use the entire iPhone is visible I like how it doesn’t hide the design.

A minimal design means only two card slots come with this case so it’s for those who want to carry very little.


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