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LIFX Wireless Lighting for your home and business

Seeing the millions of coloured lights around Sydney during the Vivid festival will easily get you inspired so I thought what a great time to write about LIFX smart lighting.

The LIFX collection is a series of light bulbs which have Wi-Fi built right in allowing you to control them wirelessly from a number of devices including iPhone, iPad and even an Apple Watch!

What I love about this product is how easy it is to set up and use, you literally just change your light globe to a LIFX bulb, download the LIFX app and that’s it. No changing light sockets, wires or anything like that.

The brightest, most efficient and versatile Wi-Fi LED light bulbs.

Control your lights and select the perfect shade and brightness, all from your smart device.

As it uses your existing light sockets you can turn the light on and off by the good old light switch on your wall so no need to worry of you don’t have your device on you.

Allowing us to control our lighting with our devices gives us the ability to do more than just turn the lights on and off, we can change colours, schedule when the lights come on and off even if you’re not home and choose which bulb we want to control (you can name them too) and even have the option of your lights turning on as you arrive home.

LIFX bulbs have 16 million colours so you’ll be able to set the colour of your lights for any mood you’re into whether it’s studying to winding down for the night to waking up in the morning and even partying.

LIFX Mood lighting

Change lighting to suit your mood.

Obviously the cost of the bulbs is higher than traditional bulbs so it’s important to consider how long do these LIFX globes last for? The good news … a long time … 22 years to be exact and because they use LED they cost about $1.39 to run per year.

The LIFX lighting collection is available from their online store with delivery to Australia available under the ‘Rest of world’ option.


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