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Mophie H2PRO: First iPhone Waterproof Battery Case

For years Mophie have been creating some of the best battery cases for your iPhone, allowing you to get 100%+ extra battery life.

I’ve personally used one of their cases to get extra battery life during times I need it most, including all-day music festivals, long summer days at the beach, when traveling and days I know I won’t have access to an outlet for my charger.

Since the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mophie have been busy creating battery cases for the new models which are available from the Apple Online Store Australia and Apple Online NZ. Now they’re bringing us a total new type of battery case,  different from all the other’s they’ve created before – a fully waterproof battery case.

Mophie Waterproof Battery Case-4

Waterproof + 100% extra battery

Introducing the Juice Pack H2PRO. At this stage it’s available specifically for iPhone 6 (not earlier models, or the iPhone 6 Plus) and is essentially a case for your iPhone and provides you with a complete charge worth of extra battery life, full waterproofing and military style standards protection.

The waterproofing has a ‘IP68 Ingress Protection’ rating, meaning your iPhone will be completely fine with sitting in water up to the depth of 1.2m for 30 minutes. This will also make a awesome product if you’re traveling to any destination you want to take photos of underwater, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Mophie H2PRO Size

Thinness of the H2Pro case

Battery life will be doubled with the case giving your iPhone 6 an extra 100% and you can choose when to enable it thanks to a handy power button. According to Mophie you’ll be able to chat for 28 hours rather than 14, use the Internet for 20 not 10 and watch 22 hours of video.

Lastly for those who are a little rough with our iPhones this case gives you Military Grade protection, which means it’s tested against drops of 1.2m on hard surfaces and is protected against fine elements such as sand.

Mophie H2PRO Waterproof iPhone 6 Case is available for pre-order from Macintosh Addict.


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