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Sydney Meets Toffee Leather Collection In Their First Video

It’s no surprise to us Apple products are known for their quality so if you’re looking to buy a bag or case for your device it only makes sense to go for equal quality right?

Toffee Cases an Australian-based small business may not be so known to you (yet) but their focus is very much on design and quality in their products so it only made sense for them to introduce their 2015 leather collection in their very first video – filmed right here in Sydney.

In the video, we’re taken on a journey through a number of well known and no so known sites around Sydney including The Rocks, MCA Store, Central Park to inner-west Sydney at Two Chaps cafe in Marrickville (If you haven’t been it’s worth a visit!). While doing so we’re shown their leather products from bags to iPhone cases and finally to their range of wallets.

Leather Bags

Right from the beginning of the video, you’ll see their ‘Lincoln leather briefcase‘ which is seen being placed inside the convertible before we’re shown the sites of Sydney.

Toffee lincoln leather bag

Lincoln Briefcase in Tan (15-inch model shown)

In the words from Toffee it’s made from high-quality genuine leather in both tan and black. We’re shown this bag can easily fit a MacBook (13-inch & 15-inch options), it’s charger, your iPad all while remaining fairly compact and slim. It’s the perfect bag for work, travel or even Uni.

Speaking of slim … their ‘Slim leather brief‘ also makes an appearance in the video (23-seconds) it essentially wraps your MacBook in leather with a pocket at the front and a handle at the top for easy carrying.

Leather Slim Brief

Leather Slim Brief available in Black & Tan

On the inside, your MacBook sits in place with 4 elastic straps on the corners while the zipper allows you to open it and continue to use your MacBook while protected with a padded interior.

I like things very minimal and thin as possible, if you’re like me this is the option over the Lincoln however, you won’t be able to fit much more than the MacBook itself.

When it comes to bags there’s three more in their video – The Leather Shopper, Combi and the Mini Leather Bag.

The Leather Shopper (which is much more feminine) can easily be your new everyday bag for work or outside of work. This bag has a tote style design with large leather handles and a lot of space inside for just about everything including yes a padded section for your MacBook and iPad. It’s stylish and is the only bag for MacBook I’ve seen out there with the tote style design.


Toffee Leather Collection (Combi Leather showed)

If vintage is your thing the ‘Combi Leather Bag‘ is the one for you and happens to be the bag shown as the cover image for the video. While the other bags have a more modern minimal style the Combi is designed with classic vintage style D-rings, buckles at the front while crafted from black naturally milled leather.

Lastly for bags the Mini Leather too has a vintage style appearance to it, however, is much smaller than the Combi leather, therefore, you won’t be able to fit your MacBook in it rather an iPad.

Leather for your iPhone

Toffees leather collection also features a number of products for iPhone including their Flip wallet case for iPhone 6 I wrote about just a few weeks ago.

Toffee iPhone 6 Slip Leather Case

Slip for iPhone 6/6Plus

Launched just recently the Toffee Slip for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is essentially a leather pocket for your iPhone allowing you to slide your iPhone in from the top, after using the product I found it to be quite tight but that’s obviously a good thing – your iPhone won’t fall out! But that’s about it there’s no room for cards or cash here but there are options …

The Flip wallet and Sleeve wallet are the two options if combining your wallet and iPhone is what you want to do. Both have room for cards and cash and both have the ability to hold for your iPhone but what’s the difference between the two?

The Flip case has a plastic shell for your iPhone to snap in place while the Sleeve wallet has a pocket for your iPhone to slide in, it’s also worth mentioning both come in black and tan leather, however, the flip wallet has an additional colour … red.

All of the products shown in this video are available from the Toffee online store with free shipping on orders over $75 with easy returns or exchanges.


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