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Grovemade Desk Collection: Beauty to your desk

There’s something about the products Grovemade create that I just love; from the very moment I discovered their online store some time ago. Grovemade handcraft their products from Portland in Oregon from quality materials in one facility keeping their product development, manufacturing and service closely tied together.

At a time when I need to sort out a desk for myself I’m going to highlight their desk collection, the first of three collections they have (They also have an Apple & Watch collection). This collection contains a number of products which will make a great addition to your workspace whether your starting or need a refresh by including products for your notebook, monitor (including iMac), your Apple Keyboard, track-pad, mouse and more.

All of these products are available in Walnut and Maple.

iMac/MacBook Stand

I’ll start with their monitor stand, crafted from Oregon Claro Walnut the stand will support your monitor including an iMac – Apple’s all-in-one desktop, raising it from your desk. The stand not only looks amazing, it also adds space under the stand and improves your posture for your neck due to your screen being raised to eye level.

The stand features cork feet to save your desk from scratching, with the stand finished by hand in Portland.

Grovemade Walnut monitor stand

Grovemade Walnut Monitor Stand

Keyboard & Trackpad Tray

Next for your desk is two products from Grovemade that are a perfect match for the official Apple Keyboard and Trackpad you likely have sitting on your desk.

The trays are again crafted from Oregon Claro Walnut in a wedge shaped design however their’s more to the design that meets the eye. These trays allow you to slide in your Apple Keyboard or Trackpad with a small storage area underneath for things such as business cards, pens and more.

The trackpad tray’s design employs the trackpad as a lid, concealing room to store extra batteries, paper clips, and other diminutive items.

Grovemade Walnut Keyboard

Grovemade Walnut Keyboard

Grovemade Trackpad

Lift the trackpad or keyboard to access storage,

Mouse & Wrist Pad

This is where you’ll be able to add some leather to your desk with the Grovemade Mouse and Wrist Pad products. The pad will allow you to use your mouse or rest your palms on ‘buttery smooth’ vegetable tanned leather which according to Grovemade will get even better with age.

The Mouse Pad features also features a nice spot to hold your pen crafted out of the same Oregon Claro Walnut featured in this collection.

Grovemade Walnut Keyboard

Grovemade Walnut Keyboard

Grovemade Trackpad

Lift the trackpad or keyboard to access storage,

Nice Additions

With your notebook or monitor on a stand and your keyboard, mouse or trackpad sorted there’s not much more to add except those little extras that will give your desk a personalised look.

Grovemade have added six products to their desk collection which will allow you to add that little extra including a Pen Cup, Walnut Dish for things like paper clips a Lamp, Plant holder and even an iPhone dock perfect compatible for iPhone 5/5s/5c and the new Phone 6/6 Plus.


Grovemade Pen Cup


Walnut Dish


Walnut Planter


Desk Lamp


Grovemade iPhone Dock

The entire product range from Grovemade can be viewed and purchased by their official Online Store with International shipping on all products including to Australia.


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