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Moment – World’s Best Mobile Photography Lenses

Anyone with a substantial amount of photography equipment will know how much of a chore it can be to pack it all up safely, and carry it around to use in a way that is convenient and accessible. For many, this is a necessary price to pay for making sure we have all the gear at our disposable to get that perfect shot, when our mobile cameras are not quite enough. Advances in mobile camera technology are closing that gap, and the Moment lens series will take your iPhone camera another great leap forward, to unlock the true potential of what it has to offer.

Moment have a philosophy which shows they truly understand photography, and what is important to achieve great captures:

“We were tired of carrying our traditional camera equipment, but in using our phones we were unable to get the shots we wanted…we were missing moments. So we set out to make the phone a better camera with the world’s best glass.”

“The measure of a great lens is a great image. With the Moment Wide and Moment Tele you are now able to capture images that were once unattained with the stock iPhone lens.”

Moment iPhone 6 Lens

“From center to edge Moment lenses deliver the sharpest image possible. By using a multi element design we brought the best of professional cinema quality glass to your phone.”

“We have been designing and making cinema lenses for a very long time. And now we are bringing everything we have learned over the past 25 years to mobile photography.”

The lens comes in three configurations. The first is a tele lens, which will allow you extra zoom (2x the original) – which is great for street photography, portraiture, travel and landscape photos. Secondly, Moment have created an excellent wide lens, to capture vast scenery and landscapes, but also subjects within smaller enclosures. Finally, is the macro lens (available in August), which will get you 10x closer to the subject, and maximise available lighting. For $99.99 (US), these lenses are a terrific option for photographers on the go, or those who want to maximise the potential of their mobile shots. Moment have an intuitive app, which compliments the simplicity and beauty of their  lenses – not to mention compatibility with a range of devices including iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, as well as iPad Air / Air 2, and iPad Mini.

The Moment tele lens and wide lens are available via the online store, with the macro lens coming in August. Be sure to check out the ‘Momentist‘ blog, which shares some stunning examples of photos using the lenses.


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  • How can you buy this whilst being located in Sydney, Australia? They don’t ship to Australia – where can I find it in Sydney?

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your comment, I’ve checked their website and according to the FAQ they DO ship to Australia, they’ve listed the countries they DON’T ship here:

      Sorry I don’t know of any stores which do stock the Moment lens, If I did I’d go buy one myself they look great! You may be interested to know since writing this post they announced a Case so you don’t have to attach the lens directly to your iPhone:



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