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QWSTION: Contemporary bags for your MacBook

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland QWSTION have created their own niche market of bags by offering designs that are cosmetically very beautiful, and offer sheer utility – pursuing designs which are suitable for both business as well as our everyday lifestyle. While doing so, they have focused on quality materials, manufacturing and the branding.

Our collection is positioned inbetween high-fashion and functional utility, each bag works for business as well as for leisure. We want our products to be durable and practical companions to our customers. – QWSTION.

Each bag is designed to be durable and practical; offering various carrying options integrated into the functionality. Packing/carrying our notebooks is routine task for most of us, whether it’s to and from the office every day, or for the occasional day trip. The intuitive design makes this wonderfully simple.

Before I highlight some of their range, I think it’s worth mentioning a little about the materials used in the production – an area QWSTION goes into quite a lot of detail about on their website. Environmentally friendly materials are used whenever possible, utilising natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and linen, with a water resistant coating on the exterior of their bags. Handles are detailed with vegetable tanned leather, which darken and go soft overtime – a natural occurrence for genuine leather.

Every bag is designed from Zurich in Switzerland from the very start, right through to the prototype version, before production then takes place in the Hong Kong area of Huizhou.

Since 2009 we’ve been working with a small factory that’s run by its owners. They ensure skilled workmanship and through a close partnership we can accomplish the high standards we set for ourselves.

QWSTION Washed Black Backpack range

Simple Pack Washed Black

I’d like to start with the Simple Pack, which is one of my favourite bags in QWSTION’s range. I love it because of the size – it makes the perfect medium-sized bag to suit everyday use. The multiple carrying options become clear in this design, with the option to wear it as a backpack or carry it like a tote bag – completely your choice.

Right away, the backpack looks great; it’s designed in a beautiful ‘Washed Black’ cotton canvas, opening into a fairly large compartment by the use of vegetable leather trim zippers. Inside you’ll be able to store your MacBook (up to 15-inches) in a padded compartment safety, knowing the bag is also water resistant.

Range - Simple Office Washed Black

Simple Office Washed Black

Keeping with the same Washed Black Canvas material, the Simple Office will add a smart, clean finish to your office attire, whether you choose to wear it as a backpack or carry it as a shoulder bag.

If your lifestyle is to-and-from the office everyday the added compartments are a bonus, with room for your gadgets, MacBook and documents, etc. This is where the Office Tote can also come in handy; it’s a slightly bigger version, but something very unique to this bag is the ability to change where you want the handles to be, allowing you to carry it horizontally or vertically – whatever suits your needs.

Range - Office Tote Washed Black

Office Tote Washed Black

Outside of work comes weekend trips, visits to the gym, or sporting events and everything else. For times when you want a bag to be flexible with every need, the Weekender Bag is your best buddy.

It’s designed to be versatile for just about any task – it’s obviously a much bigger design, but gives you plenty of room to fit everything in. With a large compartment that offers a spot not just for your MacBook, but your iPad too, as well as an external pocket, and 3 inner pockets.

Range - Organic Rawcycled Weekender

Weekender Bag – (Organic Rawcycled)

This same idea of arranging the handles is carried over into the smaller Daypack – the vegetable leather handles can be carried horizontally, or vertically, and the strap is able to be stowed away in the bag. The interior of the bag has a padded compartment for your MacBook with plenty of room for your essentials, however the exterior of the bag offers a stylish modern two tone design – navy & grey.

Range-Duotone DayPack

Day Pack Duotone

The entire range of QWSTION bags (including many I haven’t mentioned here) are available from their official online store, with free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100.


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