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Bexar Goods Leather Apple Watch Strap

One of the best features of Apple Watch is the ability to change bands to find a style that suits your personal style. I have been looking for a great quality leather band, and while Apple does offer one, style is all about choices, so here is another: Bexar Goods (known for their work in durable leather products) have announced their very first Apple Watch strap.

The strap is crafted from genuine American Bridle Leather, with proper Apple Watch lugs included, and then finished with a saddle stitch. Bexar Goods have taken into consideration the number of materials and colours the Apple Watch comes in by offering the strap in a number of configurations.

First the strap is available in 38mm, or 48mm, followed by three types of lugs and buckles – including Space Grey, Aluminium and Stainless Steel (there’s no gold option here). Finally, there’s two colour options of leather: Tan and Brown.

The size of the band should fit most wrist sized, with the strap measuring 250mm in length – featuring 7 holes in all; the first starting at 175mm, and the last being at 205mm. What isn’t clear at time of writing is whether the strap is a certified ‘Made for Apple Watch’ band, guidelines set by Apple for designing bands for the Apple Watch.

The Watch Strap is available from the Bexar Goods online store for $130.


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