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Organise your keys & more with Orbitkey

Keys, they’re annoying, we all have them and they’re not going anywhere soon. They’re annoying because they bulk up in a huge bundle of mess, going for a run with your keys in your pocket brings that annoying metal jingle and there seems to be a key for everything. I personally have two keys for my apartment, one for the basement door, one for the letter box and it goes on.

I’ve recently come across a product which comes from an Australian-based company in Melbourne and solves all these annoying things. It’s called Orbitkey and allows you to organise your keys by holding your keys together in what can almost be seen as a modernised keyring. You’re essentially pinning your keys together which are wrapped around in premiumn leather (or elastomer); using a key is as simple as rotating it around making it clear where the orbit in OrbitKey came from.

Your keys organised.

Your keys organised.

It’s smart because it does the obvious and has some surprises. Visually it greatly reduces the bulkiness of keys down to a small package, it actually looks good to carry around, and it’s durable thanks to the genuine cowhide leather which ages perfectly.

There’s a few surprises here, the first is that it makes no noise while running it’s something I’ve confirmed. The rattling of keys in your pocket when on a jog is enough to bug anyone. Because Orbitkey puts your keys tightly together they can’t bash against each other so no noise!

The second surprise is the extras you’re able to add in your Orbitkey, which allow you to add a touch of personality. There’s a bottle opener (guaranteed to make you a hit at parties), a USB Key which is actually designed as flat as a key from stainless steel (8GB & 32GB available), and extra bands if you ever feel like changing the colour of your Orbitkey.

Add a flash USB Drive to your OrbitKey

Add a flash USB Drive to your OrbitKey

Orbitkey is avaliable from a number of lifestyle stores out there such as Toffee Cases with the whole collection on the official Orbitkey Online Store. They’re priced from A$29.95 for the Active Elastomer versions or A$39.95 for premium leather, a well worth price for something you’re going to use every day.


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