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Official Apple iPhone 6s accessories

Like with every release of a new iPhone the rush of buying a new case or some form of accessory to go with the new iPhone soon follows after you get hold of your new iPhone. Luckily the iPhone 6s is near identical to the previous model iPhone 6 so for those who are upgrading from a 6 your current case will likely fit but for those who are getting the new iPhone 6s a whole range of accessories from Apple are ready for purchase.

The same design team responsible for the design of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus also create these range of accessories to ensure the quality, function and style is carried over while making your new iPhones “even more personal.

In terms of cases there’s two types to choose from: Silicon and a more premium leather version both which fits around your new iPhone 6s nice and snug providing protection to the back and edges of the iPhone.

Leather iPhone 6s Case

On the outside the leather iPhone 6s case from Apple is made from a european tanned leather while on the inside a soft micro lining will protect for iPhone. All five colours of the case are actually infused into the leather with dye which bring out the colours.

Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, Rose Grey, Brown and Black are your colour options with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus versions available for A$75 from the Apple Online Store.

Wrapping our iPhones in a case brings the risk of adding bulk and thickness to the iPhone, it’s hard to tell how thick this case is but it’s worth noting Apple claims your new iPhone will still feel incredibly slim even with the case on.

Leather iPhone 6s Case

Midnight Blue Leather Case

Silicone iPhone 6s Case

If leather isn’t your thing the Silicone case is essentially the exact same design and offers the same function as the leather case. It’ll keep your iPhone slim, protect the back and sides but does give you more choices in colours with 11 available and is cheaper too coming in at A$55.

We’ve got colours from typical white and black, to bright blue, a (PRODUCT)RED, Lavender, pink and more which come in an iPhone 6s and a iPhone 6s Plus version while also being compatible with the previous model iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone 6s Dock

Lastly in what is a pretty simple design the Lightning Dock will allow you to sit your iPhone on a lightning port which will charge your iPhone as it sits upright allowing you to view notifications as they come through.

They’re also finished in the same colours of the iPhone 6s including Silver, Gold, Space Grey and the new Rose Gold allowing you to carry the colour from your iPhone through to the dock. The good news if you happen to have a Leather or Silicon Case on your iPhone the dock will still fit.

The Lightning Dock is available from the Apple Online Store for A$75.

Gold Lightning Dock iPhone 6s

Gold Lightning Dock

As with previous years the range of Apple branded accessories is fairly small but a whole lot more is available from the Apple Online Store including more cases, headphones, speakers and other cool products for the iPhone.


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