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Beoplay A6 Speaker Fills Your Room With Music

There’s a key design aspect to the new Beoplay A6 speaker and it’s all to do with the curve in it’s unique shape, this curve actually spreads out the sound to your entire room and maintains an ambient character no matter where you are. The A6 speaker is designed by Bang & Olufsen who have released some of the best high end speakers and headphones including the H8 headphones.

One-point music system that fills the room with spectacular sound.

From the outside the cover is made from a custom-made textile with a collaboration with Kvadrat who is Europes leading manufactures of this material. The weaved pattern of threads will guarantee a strong visual appearance of the speaker in your home with 4 colours available including the light grey option by default, additionally Dark Grey, Dark Rose and Dusty Blue.

Beoplay has designed this speaker to bring their award winning signature sound to the entire room, we now know this is done thanks to its curved design but under the cover is where it all begins. BeoPlay A6 is a five-channel speaker with four speakers on the front and a full-tone driver pointing backwards which maximises the spaciousness of the sound while each of these speakers has it’s own digital amplifier.

The setup features 2 x 60 watt class D for woofer, 1 x 60 watt class D for full range, 2 x 30 watt class D for tweeter.

Connecting your music and controlling the speaker is just as interesting as the design itself. Built in AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 will have your device such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac wirelessly connected allowing your music including from services such as Apple Music & Spotify.

Controlling the speaker is where this speaker also stands out. You simply tap or swipe the top of the speaker as if it was a touch screen to control your music directly for example swiping right will increase the volume of your music while turning the volume down is possible with a swipe to the left.

There’s no need to open your eyes or pick up your phone to control your speaker. Just reach out and touch it.

The BeoPlay A6 Speaker is available in Australia from Apple Australia for A$1,599.95 as well as Apple New Zealand for NZ$1,899.95.


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