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Gold comes to the Apple Watch Sport

Great news  – you no longer have to spend $14,000 to get a hold of an Apple Watch in gold – with Apple announcing the entry level model, the Apple Watch Sport is now available in gold for the first time since release.

There’s actually two new gold colours introduced for the Sport model: gold aluminum and rose gold aluminium which are both paired with a sports band. This sports band is designed from high-performance fluoroelastomer with a pin style closure. They’re extremely comfortable, lightweight, durable, yet equally look good during and outside of fitness activities.

Apple have chosen to match these new gold Apple Watch models with a lavender, antique white, stone or midnight blue sports band – however, you can purchase more bands in the future and interchange them for more style options. In fact, there are now 16 colours of sports band alone, meaning you’re likely to find a colour which suits you.

The Apple Watch Sport is crafted from lightweight anodised aluminium, while the Apple Watch Edition is crafted from 24-carat gold; the difference in price of the gold comes down to the materials the Watch is made from. The difference in features however is none; they both do exactly the same thing.

A few months back I wrote about the processes of how the Apple Watch is made from each material with a series of videos posted from Apple. In this instance, the Apple Watch Sport is made from a custom made aluminium, which Apple claims is 60% stronger than standard aluminium yet just as light.

Pricing & Where to Buy

The Watch is available in two sizes: 38mm & 42mm with all Sports models coming with a Sports Band.

Getting hold of these new Gold models come in quite affordable, with the cheapest model starting at A$499 in Australia for the 38mm in Rose Gold (paired with a lavender sports band) and Gold Aluminium (paired with a midnight blue sport bands). Moving up to the A$579 price for the larger 42mm models.

  • 38 mm Apple Watch Sport: $499
  • 42 mm Apple Watch Sport: $579

You can shop and learn more about the entire range of Apple Watch models from the Apple Online Store.

Gold & Rose Gold Apple Watch

Gold & Rose Gold Apple Watch


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