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CLIC 360° iPhone 6s Case: Protection Styled with Wax Canvas

Most drop protection iPhone cases are ugly. You end up putting your iPhone in a case which makes your iPhone twice as thick as before which does nothing but hide the design of the iPhone. Then I came across a case from Native Union – The CLIC 360°.

Designed by Native Union this case promises to protect your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with drop proof protection, exceeding a ‘militarily style drop test’ all while remaining a slim construction. I have to admit this is not what got my attention in the first place, it was in fact what the case is designed with – Waxed Canvas it just looks like a case I haven’t seen before.

iPhone 6s Waxed Canvas Case Black

Waxed Canvas

I was quite surprised the case I was looking at for it’s Waxed Canvas design also happened to be a case which offered drop protection because of it’s slim design. It doesn’t look like a protection case which for me is what I’ve been looking for. Native Union has achieved this by using an advanced technology inside the case – polymer technology from the footwear industry. To put this in simple terms the inside of the case has a 3D internal rubber mesh which absorbs impacts and disperses the shock away from your iPhone.

Offering 360° protection becomes interesting at the front of the screen, you can’t go adding things in front of the screen and while some use screen protectors they often reduce the quality of the screen by reducing brightness, colour quality etc. Rather than covering the screen Native Union have incorporated a rubber frame, raising it at the front giving the screen a form of bumper protection. This rubber frame is the same colour as the waxed canvas at the back and allows for all the important cut-outs for the camera, flash and mute switch.

Red Waxed iPhone 6s Case


“The problem is most rugged cases are bulky and unattractive. CLIC 360° on the other hand, gives your iPhone all the protection of a rugged case in a refined and slim design.”

The design of this iPhone case really shows though thanks to the waxed canvas. According to Native Union this waxed canvas which is custom made for the case is water resistant and hard wearing.

There’s five colours to choose from including Black, Olive (Green), San, Marsala (Red) and my favourite Navy for both the 4.7-inch iPhone 6/6s and larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6/6s Plus. In terms of pricing they are A$59.99 for either model with a one year warranty.

For more information or to purchase online head over to the Native Union Online Store.


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