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Bellroy Slim iPhone 6s Case & New Charcoal Range

Bellroy who are best known for their super slim wallets have progressively expanded their range of products to phone cases. Only a few months ago I wrote about their 3 & 1 card leather iPhone wallet cases which feature a super slim leather design all while keeping your cards in one place. Since then we’ve had the new iPhone 6s released and with that a brand new product from Bellroy – a slim leather phone case.

As slim as we could make it, without compromising on protection and style.

This new phone case from Bellroy is all about minimalism, slimness and are compatible with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Designed with the vegetable tanned leather Bellroy are known for the case offers protection to the sides and back of your iPhone, matching the clean design and curves of the iPhone. All the important features of the iPhone are still accessible such as the cameras, buttons and ports.

Bellroy Thin Phone Case

Super Slim

While it’s possible to store a note or two behind your iPhone this phone case isn’t designed to be a wallet case but will offer your iPhone protection from everyday scratches and bumping all while looking pretty stylish. There’s five colours to choose from too including Black, Blue Steel, Tamarillo (Tan), Java and Charcoal so finding a perfect colour for your iPhone shouldn’t be too difficult.

The new charcoal colour also happens to be a new colour which was recently added to a number of their products including – Note Sleeve, Travel Wallet, Card Sleeve, 1 & 3 Card Phone Case and the new Slim Phone Case.

Bellroy Charcoal iPhone Case

New Charcoal colour

The Slim iPhone Case is available from the Bellroy Online Store starting at $59.95 for the iPhone 6s version and $64.95 for the iPhone 6s Plus. This price doesn’t seem too bad at all when you factor in the 3 year included warranty. Unfortunately they do not fit the previous generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


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  • Hi,
    Do you think these cases are as slim as the apple branded leather 6s case?

    • Hi Adam,

      Good question, unfortunately I don’t have an official answer from Bellroy however I think it will be pretty close. Their specs on their 1 card wallet case indicates it’s 1cm thin (including the iPhone), however Apple do not have specs.

      Bellroy are known for slim, thin wallets so I think it’s fair to say their iPhone case will be quite thin. 🙂


  • Thanks for the reply,
    I’m trying to decide between one of these and the native Union clic black/walnut case, which also looks pretty slim. I just want one that looks the best while being as slim as possible. If you have any preferences or other suggestions that would be great.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Adam,

      In terms of looks I guess it’s up to personal preference but something I do like about the Bellroy case – you can use tap-to-go/PayWave cards while it’s still in the iPhone case (I’m assuming only works with the 1 card case). This is really functional to me.

      Bellroy also have a 3 year warranty which is almost un-heared of. They’re an Australian brand too really quite helpful people.

      Hope this helps,

  • Thanks again mate,
    It seems like these ones are better quality than the apple ones, and having a great warranty like that is appealing if I manage to have a look at one and its as thin as the apple case I’ll definitely get it!


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