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Twelve South Brings Luxury With The Forté Stand For Apple Watch

The last time Twelve South brought us an Apple Watch Stand it was the HiRise, it does a pretty good job at what it needs us to do – charge our Apple Watch. The HiRise is designed from black aluminium, elevates your Apple Watch and charges your Watch from the bedside table.

Now, since the Apple Watch has been out for some time, Twelve South have had time to consider the luxury of the Apple Watch, and taken it’s design aesthetics and released a brand new stand called Forté. It’s a completely redesigned stand, aiming for a minimal design and using materials heavily inspired from the Apple Watch itself.

The simplicity of Forté directly reflects the beautiful Apple timepiece, whether it’s placed bedside or on your bathroom vanity.

The base has been topped with genuine leather and a thin chrome arm-looking stand comes up from the base holding your Apple Watch in the air. Charging your Apple Watch from the bedside table seems like a natural place to do so Twelve South has taken note of this by designing the chrome arm at a 40 degree angle so you can look at your Apple Watch and notifications while lying down.

The Forté Stand will also hold your Apple Watch in either a portrait and horizontal position, meaning it’s compatible with the night mode seen in watchOS 2 – rectifying an issue that is current with the HiRise, which only allows portrait.

Forté Stand Chrome design

Forté Stand Chrome design

Like most stands the Forté stand will incorporate and use your current magnetic charging cable. The metal chrome design ends to a polycarbonate chromed disk at the top but Twelve South has done this intentionally so it won’t scratch your Apple Watch.

When it comes to stands this has to be one of the best designed so far, the Apple Watch has been designed using some of the best materials in the world from aluminium to stainless steel and even 24-karat gold and a Sapphire display. It makes sense for the stand you’re going to put your watch on every night to compliment this.

There’s no word yet on when it will be available in Australia/New Zealand, but it is likely to be released soon. Apple have announced the Forté Stand is now available from the Australian Apple Online Store for $89.95 with free shipping.


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