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Gaming on the New Apple TV with SteelSeries Nimbus Gaming Controller

One of the biggest additions to the new Apple TV is the App Store coming to your TV for the first time, bringing a large amount of apps including games. While the new Siri Remote is going to do a pretty good job at allowing you to play these games, the support for wireless gaming controllers is also available.

The Nimbus by SteelSeries for the new Apple TV is already available from the Australian Apple Online Store for A$94.95, with free shipping alongside the release of the new Apple TV.

The controller which right away has a console gaming controller-like appearance has pressure sensitive buttons, two joysticks, an easy to control menu button and is designed to be extremely comfortable to play for long hours.

SteelSeries with the New Apple TV

New Apple TV Support

Connecting the controller is done via Bluetooth meaning this controller is wireless (with a single charge lasting 40+ hours, which is plenty to get you by). Recharging the controller is quite convenient, as the SteelSeries includes a Lighting connector to the controller, with charging done using the same Lighting-to-USB cable included with your new Apple TV.

Experiencing full-control gaming on your new Apple TV and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It’s fair to say not every app supports gaming controllers, but to create a gaming app on the new Apple TV and not include support seems like a mistake. This controller is also compatible with latest model iPhones and iPads with support to hundreds of existing apps…

Oceanhorn Apple TV Game

OceanHorn on Apple TV

One of these apps is the award winning Oceanhorn game, which has just been announced will be coming to Apple TV in Full HD, 60fps and gaming controller support. Many developers are also announcing apps featuring gaming controller support, with many more to be announced later.

  • Pressure-sensitive buttons for precise gaming control
  • Console-style left and right analog triggers
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • 40-plus hours of gaming on one charge
  • Four LEDs display your player status during multiplayer gameplay
  • Colour-coded action buttons
  • Comfort and ergonomics of a full-sized controller

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