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Apple releases iPhone Photography & Video Accessory Kits

In the last few years we’ve seen iPhone become the worlds most popular camera, gain video capabilities including 4k in the new iPhone 6s, a new 12 mega-pixel camera, a shot on iPhone campaign showcasing some of the best photos & videos around the world and all new live photos.

iPhone has become the only camera we carry.

iPhone can easily be seen as a serious camera and to help you capture the best moments Apple have released accessory kits including one for photography and one for videography. It’s the first time Apple have bundled together a number of accessories into one kit, allowing you to buy the best products to explore your creativity with iPhone.

Conveniently both kits also come with a way to carry all the included products with a portable case for the photography kit and a sling for the video kit.

Photography Kit

iPhone Photography Kit iPhone 6/6s

The Photography Kit contains 5 products including a tough compact shell Incase shell which keeps everything safe and secure, olloclip Active Lens giving you ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, PIXI tripod, the 360° rotating iPhone tripod mount and the HISY Bluetooth Camera Remote.

This kit will help you capture amazing new photos in a new way with the lenses while the tripod will help you not only stabilise photos but help you capture stable video.

  • Compatible with the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • Ultra-wide and telephoto lens
  • Stabilise your photos with the lightweight tripod
  • Bluetooth remote for shooting at a distance

The photography kit is available now from the Apple Online Store for $299.95 with free delivery.

Videography Kit

Video kit for iPhone

As with the Photography Kit the Video Kit also includes 5 products complete with a Incase Tripod Sling to carry everything in. You will also get the olloclip Active ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, a ideal tripod for shooting video, the 360° tripod mount and a Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Mic for capturing clean, clear stereo sound while on the go.

  • Compatible with the iPhone 6/6s and the iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • The best accessories for shooting video.
  • Ultra-wide and telephoto lens
  • Portable tripod reaching a full 155-cm in height.
  • Digital Mic to record directional stereo sound while plugging into your iPhone lightning port.

The Videography kit is available now from the Apple Online Store for $499.95 with free delivery.



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