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Apple Smart Battery Case Extends Your iPhone 6s Battery Life

Every year iPhone gets faster and a whole bunch of new features which we all enjoy to use, however one area which hasn’t improved a great deal is battery life. In most situations an iPhone will get through an entire day, especially if you have the larger sized iPhone 6/6s Plus because those models have a much larger battery inside (I have the Plus and will still have around 30% of battery left by the end of the day). For most of us more battery life is the number one most requested feature, especially if you know you’re going to be somewhere without a charger for a long length of time such as a weekend trip away, a bush walk or even an all-day music festival.

If you’re looking for more battery life for your iPhone 6 or even the new iPhone 6s there is a way – A battery case, and Apple have recently announced their own battery case called the Smart Battery Case. Battery cases allow you to increase the battery of your iPhone by charging your iPhone on the go with an additional battery inside the case, effectively giving your iPhone two batteries.

Engineered specifically for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, to give you even longer battery life and protection.

This Smart Case has been designed by Apple and engineered specifically for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to give you longer battery life while also offering protection. The design is very similar to their Silicone Case but with a battery incorporated at the back, visible with a hump, while a silky soft-touch finish will feel great in the hand. Your iPhone will also be protected from the case itself from the outside and from the inside with a soft microfibre lining.

Apple Smart Battery case Features

Source: WSJ

All you simply need to do is slide your iPhone into the case and your iPhone will immediately start to charge. So how much increased talk time do you get? Apple states you’ll increase:

  • Talk time to 25 hours (up from 14 hours)
  • Internet usage up to 18 hours on 4G LTE (up from 10 hours)
  • Video playback up to 20 hours (up from 11 hours)
Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s

Smart Case

Because the Smart Case has been designed by Apple they have also incorporated some smart features into the case and iOS on iPhone. Firstly the case has an integrated antenna to ensure there’s no issue with the case interfering with reception to your iPhone and the secondly there is a battery indicator on iOS Notification Centre on your iPhone, allowing you to see the battery of both the iPhone and the Smart Case.

The Smart Battery Case is available in two colours, White and Charcoal Grey and can be purchased from the Australian Apple Online Store for A$165 and the New Zealand Apple Online Store for NZ$189. For Australians you can buy from the Apple Online Store but choose from either delivery to your home or pickup from Apple Retail Stores. Unfortunately at this stage there is no Apple Smart Battery Case for the Plus models.


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