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Charge Your iPhone and Apple Watch Together With The Belkin Valet Dock (Review)

When you own an Apple Watch charging it overnight is a must and one of the common ways to do so is by using an Apple Watch Stand by the bedside table. If you own an Apple Watch you very likely have an iPhone and too requires to be charged just about very night. This has created the situation of having two stands on the bedside table to charge the two devices and this begs the question, is there a product out there that charges both?

The Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone. The only integrated charge dock “made for Apple Watch.”

I’ve tried a lot of Apple Watch Docks recently, but the new Belkin Valet Dock is the only accessory I’ve come across so far which allows me to simultaneously charge both my Apple devices at the same time. It’s also one of the first Apple Watch stands which integrate the Lightning Connector for the iPhone and the Apple Watch Magnetic charger allowing you to simply plug it into the wall for power and that’s it.

Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

Minimalist design

The design of the product has a minimalist, high-end look and feel to it which really sets the product apart from the rest, and is the perfect match for iPhone and Apple Watch. The base of the product measures 13.4cm x 8.8cm and is weighted – you’ll notice from the moment you pick it up making you feel confident it won’t move or slide around on the bedside table, thanks to the bottom of the base, which is covered with a non-slip surface.

Belkin have made some good design choices with the product that make the product functional and protects your Apple devices, without looking cumbersome or out-of-place due. The integrated Lighting Connector is adjustable with a dial at the back of the base allowing you to adjust how far the connector comes out of the base, this is to help prevent the issue of your iPhone not fitting on the product if you have a case.

The dock uses the same magnetic technology as your Apple Watch charger.

What really stands out is the arm which is the main support component to both the iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s a solid cast arm with a chrome finish giving the stand a minimal high-end style. To the left of the arm Belkin have added a small soft pad for your iPhone to lean on while to the right of the arm incorporates an integrated magnetic Apple Watch charger for your Apple Watch to simply rest on.

The stand makes it appear as if your Apple Watch is floating in the air, supporting all versions of Apple Watch models and bands. Belkin has even included an Apple Watch Band Support which keeps more flexible watch bands like steel mesh and link bracelets supported while charging, for easy, elegant storage.

Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

The Belkin Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone is available exclusively from Apple including Apple Australia for A$189.95, Apple New Zealand for NZ$219.95 and Apple US for US$129.95 with a choice of free delivery or pickup at any Apple Retail Store of your choice depending on availability.


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