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6 Accessories To Help You Be Creative With Apple Devices

Do you ever wish to be more creative? Apple have kicked off the New Year with their annual Start Something New campaign, by featuring a range of creative work from Apple Devices from a number of people around the World.

The gallery includes a range of work from photography, art and sketches from iPad and video created from the Mac and iPhone. However, it isn’t just Apple Devices they have showcased this time around – Apple also mention accessories used with Apple Devices which can help and enhance your abilities to be even more creative.

Here are the some of the best accessories you should consider for your Apple Device, based on what artists are using around the world, and accessories I would recommend personally:

1. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pro is going to give you the accuracy and precision you need if you would like sketch, paint and draw on the iPad.

Designed by Apple exclusively for use with the new iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil measures pressure and tilt, meaning you can vary the line weight, shade, as well as produce a huge range of artistic effects and pixel precision.

Apple Pencil Drawing

You can learn more about the Apple Pencil with our Apple Pencil Review.

The Apple Pencil is available online from the:

2. Active Lens for iPhone

Maybe photography is more your thing? Use the same lens Australian Photographer Emma Phillips used to capture this shot from the Australian Dessert with her iPhone 6s.

The Active Lens for iPhone is a lens accessory which slides onto the top of your iPhone going you an ultra-wide and a telephoto lens instantly.

Emma Phillips iPhone Landscape Photograpghy

These two professional-style lenses give you 2x optical zoom while also capturing 155 degrees in photo mode, using the ultra-wide lens.

The Olloclip Active Lens are available online from:

3. Photography Kit

If you liked the sound of the Olloclip Active Lens, but want to expand your iPhone photography even more, the Photography Kit released by Apple some months ago provides you with all the essentials.

Apple releases iPhone Photography & Video Accessory Kits

The iPhone Photography Kit includes the olloclip Active Lens, a tri-pod and 360 degree Tripod Mount, Bluetooth Camera Remote – all in tough compact InCase Shell. The Kit is compatible with the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus.

All of these accessories come in a custom-designed case, so you can safely carry them anywhere.

The Photography Kit is available online from:

4. Pencil 53 for iPad

Looking to draw, create and sketch from the iPad? While the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro is a great choice, Pencil by FiftyThree is also a great choice – not to mention, one which is compatible with most iPad Models, including the iPad Mini range.

Lieu Nguyen from Vietnam (pictured below) uses the Pencil by FiftyThree from his iPad Air 2 using the Procreate app to portray a blossoming tree, using layers of coloured dots.

Pencil 53 Painting on iPad

By using a feature called Adaptive Palm Rejection – which can detect whether your hand or the Pencil is touching the screen – you can write from any angle, while taking care with lines and use a unique built-in eraser to remove what you don’t need.

The fastest and most expressive way to create on your iPad. Rest your hand on the screen and draw freely with best-in-class adaptive palm rejection.

Pencil by 53 is available online from the:

5. MeFOTO SideKick360 iPhone Tripod Mount

I recently used the MeFOTO Tripod mount to capture a time-lapse of the Sydney NYE Fireworks, all from my iPhone 6 Plus.

Compatible with most iPhone models this tripod mount mounts your iPhone to just about any tripod, the perfect product to capture sharper photos, videos, time lapses and long exposures.

MeFOTO iPhone Mount

The 360° ball rotates to allow for quick switching from vertical to horizontal positions. It is this feature Bernhard Lang from Germany uses to capture photos with his iPhone from a new perspective.

The MeFOTO SideKick 360 is available online from the:

If you don’t have a tripod, Apple are also stocking a range of compatible tripods from their Online Store.

6. iPhone Handheld Gimbal


Just a few months back I wrote about the Feiyu Tech G4 Pro, a handheld Gimbal for your iPhone. If you want to take video to the next level this Gimbal will capture professional, stabilised floating video which is simply not possible from your iPhone by hand.

Using a 3-axis system the gimbal provides panning, tilting and even rolling complete with a 360-degree rotation.

Feiyu Tech G4 Pro 3-Axis Handheld Stabilised Gimbal for iPhone

Captures professional stabilised and free-floating video from iPhone in a way you’ve never seen before.

The Feiyu Tech G4 Pro is available online from the:


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