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Guitar Hero Live Controller for new Apple TV

One of the biggest franchises in gaming, the Guitar Hero series by Activision, has recently made its way to the new Apple TV, bringing the full console-style game to your TV and allowing you to ‘take center stage’ like a rock star.

You play the game to a huge library of songs as if you’re playing from a real guitar, by attempting to hit the right notes with the use of buttons on the guitar, and the use of the whammy bar to alter the pitch of notes. Although the formula is comfortably familiar, it remains one of the most enjoyable, challenging and popular games among kids, teenagers, as well as adults.

Two Ways To Play

The game, which is free to install on the new Apple TV via the App Store, gives you two modes of play: Guitar Hero Live and GHTV (Guitar Hero TV).

Both modes feature a huge library of songs and videos to play to with over 40 tracks in the Guitar Hero Live mode, and more than 200 songs at launch in GHTV.

Guitar Hero Live Apple TV

Guitar Hero Live

The Guitar Hero Live mode allows you to take the stage by playing the game in front of “real” crowds, with real reactions, which react in real-time to your performance. It’s a fun and interactive way to play – if you’re great at playing you’ll win the crowd, and if you bomb then you will lose them.

There is a variety of venues, from small clubs to massive outdoor festivals, including two fictional festivals which will have you playing as the headline act.


GHTV 27/4 music videos

The second aspect to the game, GHTV, will have you playing to the world’s first playable music video network, with continuous broadcast of music videos 24 hours 7 days a week.

In GHTV you can pick from a variety of channels, play with friends, plus earn rewards by levelling up.

Required Bluetooth Controller

To play Guitar Hero Live on the new Apple TV you need to purchase the Bluetooth Guitar Controller, which is available from the Apple Online Store. The controller is the next evolution of the classic guitar with strum bar, whammy bar and a 6-button layout.

Challenging yourself and others to see who’s the best guitar player.

The controller simply connects wirelessly to the new Apple TV, and features;

  • Realistic looking classic design
  • 6-button layout creating the feeling of switching between strings
  • Classic Strum Bar and Whammy
  • Compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the new Apple TV



Purchase New Apple TV + Guitar

The new Apple TV brings apps built for television to your current TV via HDMI including Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music and lots more such as Netflix, Stan, Channel 7 and Guitar Hero.

You can learn more about the new Apple TV, and purchase it online from the Apple Online Store.

Apple are also selling the required Bluetooth Controller, with free shipping.

Buy New Apple TV:

Buy Bluetooth Guitar:


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