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Boostcase iPhone Power Sleeve Range Lands In Australia

The range of Gemstone Power Battery cases by Boostcase are now available in Australia from the Apple Online Store, promising to give your iPhone up to double the battery life, in a stylish transparent design.

The power case offers all the standard features you’d expect: A inbuilt rechargeable battery allowing you to charge your iPhone on the go, an on-off switch to choose when to charge, and the typical LED charge indicators.

Featuring a standalone protective case with an attachable battery sleeve, this modular design is a modern reinvention of the battery case.

However there are a few features unique to the Boostcase series, which separate these from other battery cases. The first being the transparent design giving you a look inside at all the components of the case from the battery itself to the circuitry at the bottom – and the iPhone itself. The second is the modular design to this case – the battery sleeve attaches to a separate case (which comes with the purchase) so you can slide the battery on and off when you like.

Boostcase Power Sleeve iPhone

Attachable battery sleeve

The Power Sleeve is available for the iPhone 6/6s, which gives it 100% more charge – doubling your battery life and a iPhone 6/6s Plus model giving it a 60% charge, which is a fairly significant charge considering the battery inside the iPhone 6/6s Plus is already larger.

Available in five colours the Boostcase Power Case can be purchased from the Apple Online Store for $129.95, cheaper than the official Apple Battery Case.


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