Gamevice Gaming Controllers, which add classic gaming buttons and joysticks to your iPhone or iPad, is now available from the Apple Online Store in Australia and New Zealand – transforming your device into a powerful handheld gaming device. These are a must for those who love to game from their Apple device.

The controllers include all the important hardware we’re used to seeing on a console controller, or other handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS – from two analog joysticks, to A, B, X, Y fire buttons, triggers, D-Pad, inbuilt battery to charge your device as you play, and even a headphone-out port.

Gamevice iPhone Controller

Gamevice iPhone Controller

To use the controller you simply slide your device into the controller with its patented flex bridge feature, but for the controller to work you need to play a compatible game. Thankfully you can download an app called Gamevice Live, which will display all the compatible games on the App Store (you can browse before purchasing your gaming controller).

The Most Powerful Gaming Handheld In The World.

At time of writing there are 738 apps compatible with the gaming controllers with some major apps including the Grand Theft Auto series, LEGO, Skylanders, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Asphalt 8, Beach Buggy, Crazy Taxi and OceanHorn.

There are three versions available depending on which device you have; the iPhone controller is compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s range (including the Plus models), the iPad Mini controller supports all iPad Mini models 1-4, and finally the iPad Air controller supports the 1st and 2nd iPad Air.

Buy Gamevice Gaming Controllers

You can purchase the gaming controllers online from the Apple Online Store in both Australia and New Zealand. Australians can also choose to purchase online and pickup from your selected Apple Retail Store.

Apple Online Store Australia

Apple Online Store New Zealand

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