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Sydney Sunset 4K Video & Time-Lapse – Shot from iPhone 6s

One of the biggest enhancements to the new iPhone 6s is the ability for it to shoot video in 4K, a resolution which is four times higher than HD video. It also includes a brand new sensor which greatly improves photos and video in low light, in addition to many other new features such as Live Photos, and more.

I wanted to capture some low light video in 4K and what a better way of doing it than capturing a sunset, so to do this I went to one of my favourite spots in Sydney – Cremorne Point, which offers possibly the best view of the city you can get.

I also took advantage of this view to capture a time-lapse which you can see at the end of the video – another fun feature of the iPhone, which allows you shoot a time-lapse for a moment of time (minutes or hours) down to a neat high speed clip.

Capturing a Time-Lapse with a iPhone Tripod

Capturing a Time-Lapse

To take the time-lapse I ended up using a tripod mount called MeFoto Sidekick360 and a tripod similar to the JOBY GripTight GorillaPod. These accessories combined with the iPhone allowed me to shoot a time-lapse for about 30-40 minutes and have the sunset condense into a short movie, without the iPhone moving.

After spending the afternoon shooting some video I returned home to create the video on the new iPad Pro with Apple’s free app, iMovie. I found its large display made this process quite enjoyable and ended up making my first video in a short space of time.

Editing a video on the iPad Pro

Editing on the iPad Pro

4K Video & Time-Lapse – Shot on iPhone 6s

You can watch the video below or from YouTube.

Photos Gallery – Shot on iPhone 6s

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