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Apple Launches Shot On iPhone 6s World Gallery

Last year we saw Apple kick off a brand new campaign called Shot On iPhone, which saw Apple showcasing photography by selected individuals taken from their iPhone 6 on a series of billboards around the world. The world gallery went on to become an award-winning campaign at the Cannes Lions Grand Prix.

That gallery featured shots from the iPhone 6; since then Apple has released the new iPhone 6s, which features a whole range of new innovations – one being a brand new 12MP iSight Camera (up from 8MP). Now that the iPhone 6s has been out for a few months, Apple has announced an update to the world gallery – this time featuring shots from the iPhone 6s.

Shot On iPhone 6s World Gallery-4

The new Shot On iPhone 6s gallery features 53 images by 41 individuals from around the globe who have been found and selected by Apple themselves, ranging from just everyday iPhone users to professional photographers who love to use the iPhone. They will see their photos go up on billboards around the world throughout 26 countries, in 85 cities.

Last years gallery saw a range of photography from portraiture, nature and landscapes – this year Apple have decided to focus on portraiture, which capture everyday moments from iPhone. All photos have been taken from an iPhone 6s, however some may have been edited using a range of apps, such as VSCO.

iPhone 6s Camera

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus features a brand new iSight camera, which now takes 12-megapixel photos – an improvement from the 8-megapixel camera the iPhone 6/6 Plus had.

The iSight camera captures beautiful 12-megapixel still photos. But great photos aren’t just measured in megapixels. – Apple

When it comes to cameras and photos it’s more than just megapixels, the iPhone 6s includes a new Apple designed image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, Focus Pixels, improved local tone mapping and on the iPhone 6s Plus, optical image stabilisation.

The iPhone 6s is available from the Apple Online Store starting at A$1,079 – there you can learn more about the newest iPhone, and its impressive camera.

Shot On iPhone 6s World Gallery



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