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Slow Motion Skiing Captured From An iPhone In a Unique Way

Capturing action video such as skiing down a mountain commonly comes from an action camera like the GoPro, however as the iPhone camera increasingly gets better and more snow-proof iPhone cases become available, the more skiing/snow boarding videos are being shot from iPhone. This is even more impressive when you factor in the slow-motion (and now up to 4K video recording) the iPhone is capable of doing.

In what is quickly becoming a viral video, Nicolas Vuignier has managed to capture professional looking video of him skiing down a mountain using an iPhone from a unique perspective – a technique which took him almost two years of perfecting to finally achieve the result he had in mind.

After almost two years of tinkering and tweaking I finally achieved the result I was looking for…

Shooting the video with an iPhone 6, he uses the slow-motion feature to capture himself skiing down the mountain. What makes it so unique is how he manages to throw his iPhone in the air, then proceeds to swing his iPhone around and above him from what appears to be a piece of string. This method offers continuous 360 degrees of slow-motion video during the entire 2:41 min clip. Its not completely clear on how he manages to pull off this manoeuvre, however he promises a ‘making-of’ video is to come soon on his YouTube Channel.

The iPhone 6 offers 720p slow-motion video at 120 fps or 240 fps while the new iPhone 6s improves slow-motion capture by supporting full 1080p video at 120 fps (720p at 240 fps). Either way, if you plan on shooting video at the snow from an iPhone I’d highly suggest purchasing a waterproof or snow proof iPhone case.



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