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Capture Aerial Footage With The New DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone

When it comes to professional drones the Phantom series by DJI are some of the most Intelligent Drones available. Over the years they’ve released a number of drones in this series but the latest, the Phantom 4 Camera Drone is their most advanced, smartest and intelligent drone yet and one which Apple have partnered to exclusively release worldwide.

The Phantom 4 Drone is designed to work well with the ecosystem of Apple products including the iPhone and iPad to allow to you fly and capture the best arial footage yet. Flying is now as easy as tapping on the screen of your iPad or iPhone to the direction of where you want your drone to go with a new mode called TapFly, which is complete with a live view of what the camera sees on your display.

Not only does it fly intelligently with a tap and automatically create seamless tracking shots, it can autonomously avoid obstacles and do much more. – Apple

A brand new Obstacle Sensing System can be considered to be one of the biggest new features to the Drone Eye, such as front-facing optical lenses that reveal objects and obstacles to the drone as it flies about, so now instead of crashing, the drone will simply fly over the object or instantly stop.

DJI Phantom 4 Sense and avoid

Automatically avoids obstacles

This new obstacle avoidance works with another new feature called Visual Tracking. By using Visual Tracking, a new mode called ActiveTrack will allow you automatically keep the camera on a subject by selecting the subject on your iPhone or iPad.

For example, if you wish to record a person on a BMX bike riding down a mountain all you need to do is tap the person on your display and the Phantom 4 Drone will keep its camera fixed on the BMX bike rider. The Drone will follow the rider while keeping a lookout for obstacles in the way and avoid any that it encounters.

DJI Phantom 4 ActiveTrak


ActiveTrak makes capturing fast paced action footage simple and easy, with the Drone capable of going as fast as 64 km/hr with a new Sports Mode.

The camera on the drone is advanced too, capturing professional images and video. In terms of video the drone is capable of recording video in 4K format at 30 frames-per-second and Full 1080p video at 120 frames-per-second for smooth slow motion video. For photos the camera will capture at 12-mega pixels in DNG RAW format.

Phantom 4 Pricing & Where to buy

The DJI Phantom 4 Drone is available exclusively from Apple, including Apple Australia for A$2,399.95, Apple New Zealand for NZ$2699.95 and Apple US for US$1399.95 with free delivery.

There you can also learn more about the Phantom 4 Camera Drone or via this video:



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