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Beyoncé’s ‘LEMONADE’ Visual Album Now On iTunes Australia

You couldn’t go anywhere over the weekend without hearing about the release of Beyoncé’s sixth-studio album, Lemonade, which has been hyped over the past week after she dropped a trailer for a secret worldwide event. That event turned out to be a 1-hour film on HBO, which in turn ended up being a new visual album. Following the premiere, the album was made available for streaming exclusively on Tidal.

The exclusivity of the album on Tidal meant no love for Apple Music, Spotify or any other streaming services – to watch or listen to the album you had no choice but to sign up to Tidal (although, thankfully, there is a free trial option up to 90 days). It seemed it was going to be that way for a while, however, less than 48 hours after release, the album can now be purchased on iTunes.

Beyonce Lemonade iTunes Australia

LEMONADE on iTunes Australia


Lemonade is a 12-song album with a number of collaborations, including The Weeknd with “6INCH,” Jack White with “DON’T HURT YOURSELF,” and James Blake on “FORWARD,” then finally Kendrick Lamar on “FREEDOM.” The final track, track 13 is the complete 1-hour visual video of the album.

“Lemonade” is “based on every woman’s journey of self-knowledge and healing,” – Tidal

Recorded over two years (2014-2016), the album comes after Beyoncé released a single “Formation” in time for her half-time show during the Super Bowl back in February. In terms of streaming, it too has been a Tidal exclusive ever since and remains to be that way.


Lemonade can now be purchased on iTunes in Australia to own for A$16.99 – video film included.


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