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Watch David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Documentary Free On ABC iView

When it comes to documentaries you can’t go wrong with David Attenborough – he is responsible for narrating some of the biggest and best over the years, including Planet Earth, Life, Frozen Planet and Africa. Attenborough and his production crew have been known to produce many ‘world firsts,’ and his latest series brings him right here in Australia to The Great Barrier Reef. We’re taken on a personal and interactive journey through the reef, which can be streamed for a limited time right on ABC iView.

It isn’t the first time David Attenborough has been to the Great Barrier Reef – almost 60 years ago in 1957, David first visited the reef where he filmed and shot for the first time underwater. This black-and-white footage is included in the new documentary, as he recalls this moment in the documentary series by retelling us it was “it was just me and a 60mm camera”.

Almost sixty years after his first visit to the Great Barrier Reef, David Attenborough embarks on a personal journey of discovery to understand how the Reef was created and meets the animals that call it home.

The older footage provides quite the contrast to the technology available today, with new underwater video cameras and microphones, high-resolution slow motion cameras, 3D interactive maps and more being utilised to give us shots of the Great Barrier Reef like we’ve never seen or heard before. A multi-million dollar submarine is responsible for sending David Attenborough himself down deep into the reef, to reach never before seen locations.

David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef

The three-part series starts off with an episode called “Builders,” which shows history of the reef, how the reef was likely created, daily life, never before captured footage, and more. Later episodes will delve into discovering bigger creatures of the reef in part 2, before revealing a sad but true fact in part 3 … the reef is dying at an unprecedented rate.

When David Attenborough first visited the Great Barrier Reef in 1957, he considered it the most spectacular place in the natural world and he assumed that it would last forever. Since then the coral has been dying at an unprecedented rate.

You can watch the series free on ABC iView for a limited time on a range of devices, including on the New Apple TV, with the official iView app which was released just some time ago. If you prefer to own the documentary, you can also purchase the series on iTunes. A 50-minute making of video is also available to stream, which goes further into the technology and how the team went onto making this series.


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