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Add Professional Flash To Your iPhone or iPad With iBlazr 2 (Review)

Shooting photos and video from an iPhone is only getting better as time goes on with better sensors, more mega-pixels, the more recent addition of 4K video, and smarter flash systems. While the iPhone includes a built-in LED flash, external ones (like the attachable ones we see for SLR cameras) usually offer a lot more possibilities. The team at Concepter have created the iblazr 2, which looks to bring a professional quality LED external flash system to smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and the iPad, while incorporating function, features and controls in an official native app.

In terms of design it features four LED lights at the front, built-in bluetooth, a USB port for charging, and a touch sensor surface at the back which is used for a variety of functions including light temperature control. Right away I was surprised at how small the unit is – it is just 4cm wide, 2.8cm in height and 1cm thin. It is so small I was worried I could lose it, but thankfully the team at Concepter has included a key clasp.

iBlazr2 Key Clasp

Small in size, easy to carry.

It may be small in size, but battery life is still quite acceptable – LEDs are extremely power efficient, and it will take about 300 flash photos before running out. Even when it eventually did lose charge, all I had to do was connect it to my MacBook via the included USB charger cable.

The integration with the native app and the touch sensor control is what really makes this a professional LED flash system stand out. Firstly, the ability to adjust the Temperature of the light is crucial, as it means the difference between a warm photo using an orange tone or a cooler-looking photo with blue light. Adjusting the temperature is easy – all I had to do was slide controls in the app, or use the touch pad at the back with the light ranging from 5600 k to 3200 k. The team have also designed a silicon diffuser, which allows for a softer light.10_iblazr_girl_cat

Shotlight, the native app, automatically found and paired the iblazr 2 to my iPhone via Bluetooth, and from there the app highlighted its Manual and Automatic controls. I was happy to leave it on Auto, but the Manual controls include WB, Shutter, Focus, Zoom and ISO adjustments.

Overall the design, temperature adjustment, ability to dramatically improve my photos, and integration with its native app is why I highly recommend the iblazr 2 for all those seeking to improve their night-time or low light photography/video.

You can find more information or order the iblazr 2 for A$89.95 from Macintosh Addict.


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