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Accessibility Apps That Help With Communication And Everyday Tasks

Last week I wrote about how Apple are now selling accessibility accessories, designed to help those with range of disabilities use their Apple device such as their iPhone, iPad and Mac. Today Apple have continued to highlight accessibility and technology with a collection of apps, which have accessibility features built-in that help improve lives.

We’re proud to have an App Store full of tools that improve lives. These apps help with everything from routine tasks, to communication and language skills – Apple

These apps have been designed to help with everyday routine tasks, communication and language skills. Apps have been split up into a number of categories including hearing, Motor & Physical Skill, Learning & Literacy and Speech. Apps such as TapTapSee help the blind and visually impaired identify everyday objects. Simply take a photo of an object an the the app will speak out and tell you what the object is.

Accessibility Apps On The App Store

Many of the apps in this collection, along with the accessibility features built into iOS will work great in conjunction with the range of accessibility accessories Apple have started to range. HomeKit accessories also have the potential to be helpful, just last week I reviewed the Schlage Sense HomeKit Door Lock, a product which allows you to lock/unlock your door from your iPhone or even by simply asking Siri to do so – to me it isn’t just the future of technology, but a great help to those who may be limited in their mobility.

You can view the collection of accessibility apps from the App Store from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


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