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Add a Photo Of Your Mum To Apple’s Mother’s Day Shot On iPhone Film

Earlier in the month Apple continued their popular Shot on iPhone campaign by sharing a new film “Shot on iPhone – Mother’s Day” on their YouTube channel, celebrating motherhood through the lens of an iPhone. The video features a number of photos and videos all shot from iPhone of people around the world with their mums, to commemorate their special day.

Since the release of the video, Apple have announced an online tool which allows you to personalise the film by adding your own photo of your mum. The photo you add will be included automatically at the end of the video for you to be able to share with your mum via Facebook.

To add a photo of your mum simply:

Earlier on in the year Apple shared their favourite Shot On iPhone photos taken from users around the world from the new iPhone 6s. This year they decided to focus on every day moments and portraiture –you can view the gallery here.


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