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Attach Your Apple Pencil Magnetically With Studio PROPER’s New iPad Pro Case

The Studio Proper team based in Melbourne, Australia have always designed their cases do more than any other case – with unique features allowing you to mount your iPhone or iPad to a number of accessories by Proper including a bike, tripod, as well as wall mount, a pivot stand and more.

Their new iPad Pro cases include this X lock feature, but interestingly their 12.9-inch iPad Pro case will also hold your Apple Pencil magnetically. In a rather simple design choice they have built into the case a slot with hidden magnets for your Apple Pencil sit in. You just need to slide a smaller magnetic Apple Pencil sleeve (which is included). A handy feature for around the home, but particularly for those who may use their iPad Pro during scenarios such as on a building site, or on the go.

It would appear that only the case for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro has this feature so far, not the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro Cases.

Studio Proper Magnetic Holder

The case itself is made from a moulded hardwood shell with a “rubberised ‘light grip’ surface,” and is fairly minimal cosmetically – however, this would be enough to make your iPad Pro survive most impacts. The case has allowed for the new camera, and the 4 speakers the iPad Pro, but most importantly they have confirmed it will work in conjunction with the new Apple-designed Smart Keyboard which is essentially a full-sized keyboard designed in a smart cover.

On the back is where their unique ‘X Lock’ comes in is where you can attach the iPad Pro to all X Lock iPad accessories by using a twist and lock style mounting technology. Accessories include wall mounts, Pivot stand, Kick Stand, Tripod mount, and more. This same technology is also seen in their iPhone cases, which work with X Lock iPhone accessories including their Bike Mount.

All of their products including their cases and compatible additional accessories are available to purchase from their online store with shipping both with-in Australia and internationally.

Apple Pencil With Magnetic Pencil Holder


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