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Bellroy Introduces New Leather iPhone Wallet Case With A Unique Design

Expanding on their range of phone cases Australian-based company Bellroy have announced a new Phone Wallet Case, this time focusing on the flip folio style design which will fit up to 5 cards. How it stores your 5 cards is a surprise, with Bellroy giving the traditional flip wallet case a re-think in design, and function – something that Bellroy knows how to do, and well.

The new case is crafted from the same ‘premium full-grain vegetable tanned leather’ they also use in their wallets, and other phone cases, with a micro-fibre lining on the inside. Unlike their other card cases, the Wallet Case features a flip cover at the front. This front flap functions as a cover, as well as giving the option to store your cards.

New Belloy Wallet Case With Cards

Slide two quick-access cards in the cover and stash three more cards (or two and cash), behind your phone.

Folio cases are hardly new concept these days, however Bellroy have done something I haven’t seen before. Unlike may other designs that require stuff every card into the front flip cover, Bellroy have come up with a clever design to incorporate 5 cards and make them relatively ‘invisible’.

Folio cases normally store all your cards in the front cover. Here we’ve removed some polymer at the back, so half your cards slot easily between the phone and leather behind. That means up to 5 cards can fit almost invisibly inside a much slimmer profile.
‐ James the Design Owl

For the two most important cards you use, there’s a slot on the inside flip cover so you can access them fairly easily. The final three cards you use (or two cards with a note or two) there’s a spot for them too, but in a rather surprising spot – behind your phone. Simply fold the front over around and stash in your cards between the back of the case and your phone. It doubles as a stand, too!

Bellroy Wallet Case Leather Stand

It doubles as a stand too!

The new case is available from A$114.95 in three colours from the Bellroy Online Store – Blue Steel, Black and Tamarillo for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus sizes with 3 years warranty (not bad at all!). Bellroy ship both throughout Australia and Internationally.


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