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Element Black Ops Case: Premium Protection For Your iPhone (Review)

With each Element Case comes the promise to live up to high impact protection and performance with durable, and quality materials – the new Black Ops case is no different. Designed in California, USA this case is designed with precision manufacturing, and durable materials to create the finest premium case. I’ve recently had a look at this new Black Ops case, so here is my short review.

The case is made “tactical materials and finishes,” and has a non-glare matte finish. In the hand the case feels solid and very strong, but the biggest surprise to me was how comfortable it was to hold. A series of groves have been designed in the edges (side rails) of the case. These groves, which are rubbery in appearance, allowed me to grip onto the phone – this was good for minimising the risk of me dropping my iPhone, which is quite slippery without a case on.

Could still fit in my jeans (iPhone 6 Plus)

Could still fit in my jeans (iPhone 6 Plus)

The case – like most cases – does make the iPhone larger, and add a bit of bulk, however I was able to still fit my iPhone 6 Plus into my jeans pocket. Due to their nature, this is something which isn’t always possible with all protective style cases. The Black Ops case is 16.7mm X 87mm X 10.5mm in size for the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus models, 145mm X 77mm X 7mm for the smaller iPhone 6/6s.

Like its predecessors, the new Black Ops features CNC machined aluminum crowns with black type III MIL-SPEC anodize finish, CNC machined G10 composite side rails, and non-glare matte finished main body.

How well does this case protect your iPhone? Well I’m not going to start intentionally dropping my iPhone around to test how this lives up to that promise, but I felt very confident the materials used in this case would easily protect my iPhone from any impacts it may experience. It feels very solid and durable, without as much bulk as say, an Otterbox case. The entire back, and edges of the phone are covered with the edges of the case designed from strong machined aluminium and CNC machined G10 composite – they’re going to be able to withstand quite a hit.

Element iPhone Case Black Ops Back

Soft Back Finish

The entire range of Element cases including the Black Ops are available to buy exclusively in Australia at Protection Lab and Macintosh Addictict. There you can also learn more about the case and explore the rest of the Element Case range.

Features & Specs:

  • CNC machined aluminum crowns with Type 3 MIL-SPEC anodizing
  • QRC™ (Quick Release Crowns) system
  • CNC machined G10 composite side rails
  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Black Soft-touch finished main body
  • CNC machined aluminum controls
  • Aluminum back protection
  • Tactical holster included
  • Designed in California
  • Designed to work with Apple original lightning charging cable
  • 145mm X 77mm X 7mm (6/6s)
  • 60g (6/6s)
  • 167mm X 87mm X 10.5mm / 70.3 (6 Plus/6s Plus)
  • 70.3 (6 Plus/6s Plus)

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